Édition de la Mortagne

1 out of 2 weekends - Ready, not ready, here I go! (Volume 2)

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The trilogy To read in your bubble bath 🛁

My olé olé summer with William, my young neighbor, unfortunately ended. And saying goodbye to him was harder than I could have imagined. Then I received like an electric shock the oh so surprising declaration of Christian, my enemy of the last twenty years... whose greatest fault is to be the best friend of my ex! given the mission to make me forget the tanned abs of my summer lover. Trust me, he's bringing out the heavy artillery! It must be said that his dimples managed to conquer more than one woman. I was just thinking of freeing my mind with a man of experience. The only small problem:for the first time in his life, Christian wants something serious! With the children's Christmas shows, the cursed prankster elf and the long-awaited appearance of my parents at The Hen with the Golden Eggs, having a sentimental life seems almost impossible! Fortunately, the white wine, Béa and Mel are still faithful to the post. I should get through this emotional holiday season. This winter, it's not just the snow that will give me great chills!