Homemade (& healthy) popcorn bowl

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GET HOME THEATER POPCORN - This collapsible popcorn bowl delivers the instant gratification of microwaveable popcorn in an eco-friendly, waste-free format; Say goodbye to plastic-wrapped paper bags of microwaveable popcorn - with this, all you need are grains 🍿

Popper pops 9+ cups of popcorn - the perfect amount of popcorn to share with the whole group

Reduce waste with an infinitely reusable, dishwasher-safe bowl

Flip the lid, which doubles as a measuring cup to make the perfect bowl of popcorn

The BPA-free silicone is microwave safe, and once you're done, you can toss the Popper in the dishwasher to rinse off any butter, oil, or other toppings.

Collapse the Popper to store in the closet to save space - you'll get it back in no time

Goes in the dishwasher!