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Simply Chic Volume 3 - Cassandra Loignon

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I don't think I will ever get back from all the love and trust that has been shown to me since the publication of the first volume ofsimply classy. I am really privileged to share my passion, and above all grateful that people are always there!

With this third volume, true to its title, my objective remains the same: to present recipes worthy of fine restaurants, but which are simple and accessible to all. You will find mostly recipes created to measure to meet the requests of my entourage and the people who follow me:buddha bowlBuffalo, squash risotto, fried burrata, tagliatelle with creamy pancetta sauce, General Tao tacos, tuna steak and mango salsa, and much more! As I like to challenge myself, I integrated three new sections: one devoted to lunches, another to snacks and one devoted to Saturday evening meals. For this one, I gave myself carte blanche and dared to present more elaborate recipes: beef Wellington, rack of lamb, fresh pasta Those who wish to learn new techniques or impress their guests on special occasions will be served!!

I became interested in healthy foods and the benefits they give us. This is not a healthy recipe book, however: gourmet foods are always in the spotlight, but I made sure to make more conscientious choices. I will present the virtues of certain foods to you, in addition to giving you some of my tips for optimizing meal preparation.

Now that the table is set, it's time to please your palate with ease, but with a healthy dose of chic!