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Snap & Go Pods

-2oz x 6pcs

- 4oz x 4pcs

Freezing portioned baby food can be done in a snap! Simply pour baby food into the 2oz or 4oz containers, put them in the freezer, and before you leave the house, remove one container and place it in your diaper bag. When it's thawed it's ready to serve!

Eat at home No problem! Put the container in the microwave and your pre-portioned meal is ready to serve..

Have fun with your (stubborn) toddler as he chooses which multicolored pod he wants to eat from. Who knew two-year-olds had so many opinions Or that giving them a purple pod instead of a blue pod might ruin their day Not only are these multicolored pods fun for kids, they're handy for parents - the pods attach to each other horizontally and stack vertically, making it easy to fit them in your freezer, in any configuration. If your freezer is anything like ours, it's always filled to the brim! !

We created the Snap & Go Multipack to give you options and provide pods that grow with your kids and can be used well beyond the mash phase. Use them as a fun snack container, putting a different snack in each of the 10 compartments, tie them in one long line and serve!

10 detachable and stackable multicolored containers 6 containers of 2 oz/59 ml and 4 containers of 4 oz/118 ml
Containers mount horizontally and stack vertically
Airtight, leak-proof lid helps prevent spills and freezer burn
Microwave, freezer and top rack dishwasher safe
Perfect when you're on the go or at home
2 oz pod dimensions: 2 inches high x 2.8 inches wide x 2.5 inches deep
4 oz pod dimensions: 3.5 inches high x 3 inches wide x 2.4 inches deep