The Wonderful Friend-Making Machine - Scholastic

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A fun fable from the creator of the bestselling Big Grumpy Bear book series.

One fine day, Pep, the friendliest chick on the Bagatelle farm, finds a wonderful machine for making friends:a smart phone. She decides on the spot to use it. Soon she is so busy sending and receiving messages that she neglects her good old friends. Unsuspecting, Pep even invites his new virtual friends over for dinner… What will be her surprise when she discovers their true identity…

Nick Bland tackles the subject of virtual friends and social media, a very up-to-date subject with a simply irresistible humor.

By Nick Bland

Scholastic Publishing | ISBN 9781443157490 | Soft cover | February 2017
32 pages | 24cm x 25cm | 3 to 6 years old