Snot in the nose

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“Louka has a cold. VERY cold. You could even say he has snot on his nose. Louka doesn't like being snuffed out by mom. So it will organize itself. Like a big. But how do you get rid of that runny nose when you haven't mastered the art of the handkerchief? Louka tries all sorts of options. Wiping himself against the curtains, against his comforter, against his knee, he even tries his luck against his mother's pants. But the result is always the same. His nose is still running.

The author-illustrator of The Clothesline , Orbie, returns to us with a comedy of everyday life. An album at the height of a child, telling us about an issue that will make people laugh by the repugnant aspect of the thing, but which will challenge the little ones, because, between you and me, who has never experienced a drama like that one ?

From 3 years old
32 pages
Dimensions: 19 x 23cm
Hard Cover