Nasty Kitty takes a bath

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Warning:Here's a list of items you'll need before giving Bad Kitty a bath:A bath, plenty of water, dry towels, armor, a letter to loved ones, clean underwear (situations stressors can cause little “accidents”), an ambulance — in the driveway, with the engine running, and… oh yeah! bad kitty, if you can catch him of course...

In the media:

“The grumpy and unrepentant nature of Méchant minou makes you laugh out loud. —Publishers Weekly

"Simply hilarious... Fun for everyone, especially his fans."—Kirkus Reviews

“A mischievous story set against a backdrop of comic book-style illustrations. —Booklist

“A frenetic fusion of fiction and non-fiction that is sure to please young readers. —School Library Journal

7 years and over