My Dear F***ing Prince (French Version)- Casey McQuiston

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What if the son of the President of the United States and the Prince of England became...much more than friends?

When his mother was elected president of the United States, Alex Claremont-Diaz immediately found himself propelled to the rank of prince of the nation. Charismatic, intelligent, charming... his potential to seduce millennials is a major asset in the eyes of the White House. Only problem:Alex is the personal enemy of the real prince, Henry – the one whose grandmother rules on the other side of the Atlantic. And, when the press got their hands on the photo of an altercation between the two young people, Anglo-American relations soured... in the midst of the president's campaign for her re-election!

Heads of families and heads of state – assisted by an army of beleaguered advisers – hastily devise a scheme to repair this diplomatic incident:the two rivals are therefore forced to feign reconciliation throughout the scenes on the networks. social. But this fake friendship soon becomes more problematic than anything they could have imagined. A well-kept secret which, if revealed to the world, could derail the president's campaign and jeopardize the carefully smooth image of the royal family...

They have been sworn enemies for years... But what if the son of the President of the United States and the Prince of England suddenly become much more than friends? Nightmare of press officers, questions, sometimes intimate, on the identity, notoriety and open-mindedness of public opinion and the media system... this brilliant, subtle and incandescent novel will give you just want to fall in love again.