Rotten Potato - The bravest vegetable in the world

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Rotten Potato is a mutant potato. And like most mutant potatoes, Rotten Potato loves mud. He likes to play in the mud, he eats it and he even sleeps in it! So when he sees the most magnificent mud puddle he's ever seen, he can't wait to jump in with both feet. But Patate Pourrie's big brother warns him:watch out for the squirming being! It is slimy, slippery, gross and dirty. He lives under the mud. Rotten Potato is now too scared to jump into the puddle. Will he manage to brave his fear by diving? Will he be able to face the terrifying creature?

Scholastic Publishing | ISBN 9781443187060 | Soft cover | April 2021
40 pages | 4 to 8 years old |

In the media:

Potato Rotten is a protagonist who, like many young children, is both grimy and adorable... Clanton uses colored pencils and potato stamps to create the illustrations and potatoes full of character... Buy Now ! Rotten Potato and her brother may be little potatoes, but they share a warm story about courage and brotherly love. ~ School Library Journal