Sven the terrible No knights for pirates!

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Sven the pirate can't take Anemone anymore. Since she decided not to be a princess anymore and to go into piracy, he no longer has the same space on the Medusa, his ship."First she led the boarding of Brad Steeltooth's ship, then she chose the location of our new treasure, and she appropriated my favorite sword."If this continues, she's going to commandeer my cabin. It can't go on like this! It's her or me!"he says to him. But Sven is lucky, since at the same time, a fleet of ships filled with knights is approaching. They have come to retrieve the princess to bring her back to her father. But all these beautiful people do not know what they have just embarked on. It would be very misunderstanding of Anemone to believe that she would give up piracy so quickly.

Rhéa Dufresne gives us here the most epic adventures of her popular pirate. A story filled with twists, tricks and confrontations, where pirates and knights cross swords. Orbie had a blast illustrating this new episode with dynamism and humour. Like the two previous ones, the book is situated halfway between the traditional album and the comic strip. Perfect for introducing young readers to adventure and a new literary form.

From 5 years old

40 pages