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Cheese cloth without bleach - Cotton

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Originally designed forstrain and wrap the cheese, this loosely woven cotton gauze is also excellent for poultry stuffing, canning, packaging and wine making. Because it's lint-free, it works equally well as a cleaning and polishing tool.


Top 5 Ways I Use Cheesecloth in My Kitchen

Filter the cold brew : In summer, I take out my gauze to make a homemade cold infusion. No, a fine-mesh strainer won't do the trick, unless you want bits of gritty coffee beans in your cup of iced tea.
Flavored soup: In the fall, I use a cheesecloth to wrap the parmesan rinds for the soup. I add a cheesecloth-wrapped crust to just about any soup I make - it adds lots of savory flavor, and the fabric prevents the crust from melting into stringy bits. The cheesecloth is also useful for straining homemade broth (it's the secret to my crystal-clear vegetable broth for matzo dumpling soup), and also for wrapping a bouquet garni.

Thickening yogurt: Sometimes I need Greek yogurt, but I only have regular yogurt on hand. With my handy cheesecloth, I can easily strain it into thick, creamy goodness - perfect for tzatziki sauce or folding into frittatas. Strain it even further and you get labneh!
Sprinkle with powdered sugar: Forget the icing or fondant. The easiest way to decorate a cake is to sprinkle with powdered sugar (or cocoa powder). If you don't have a sieve, fill a cup with powdered sugar, secure a cheesecloth over the top with a rubber band, and start sprinkling.

Cleaning : Cheesecloth is lint-free, which means it's ideal for cleaning dirty glass, streaky mirrors and fingerprint-proof stainless steel appliances.