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TOO LATE - Colleen Hoover

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Can she escape this toxic relationship?


Sloan never had an easy life and she always had to fight to get what she needed. It is precisely to escape a hopeless situation that she agreed to share the life of her boyfriend, Asa. Since then, she has been suffocating in this toxic relationship; moreover, he is a man of dubious morals who engages in multiple traffics. She has no choice but to leave and decides to put up with what he does to her until she can escape him. Only.


No one can help him out of this situation. Except perhaps Carter, this student with multiple secrets that she has just met.


Asa will do anything to keep Sloan. He needs her and he does everything to persuade her that she can't do without him.


No one will come between Sloan and him. Except maybe Carter.


-A really intense read! Which is not to be put in everyone's hands...Colleen Hoover warned at the very beginning on the web and later in the beginning of the book.Frankly I understand! The book made me go through all the emotions!

Joy, anger, crying, disgust... EVERYTHING.But a huge crush!


-This book is just crazy and amazing it completely turned my brain!!

 When I started this story I was looking for something dark, and frankly, I was served! All the blackness of soul that there is in it is just crazy!

 I couldn't stop reading it, in one afternoon it was finished (and again...XD)!

 What really struck me was undoubtedly Asa. This guy is just... Completely crazy, but for him, in his madness, everything makes sense.