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After season 3 - Anna Todd

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Hardin's touchy character continued to play tricks on him, and he narrowly escaped expulsion from the university. For her part, Tessa finds her father by chance at a bend in the street. Hardin, always so unmanageable, does not facilitate this unexpected interview. Tessa will have to face the most painful of questions:Will Hardin ever be able to open up?
A weekend with Hardin's father is the perfect opportunity to refocus on their story. The meeting of Riley and Lillian will teach them much more than all their quarrels. However, the departure for Seattle is approaching... It's time to make the right decisions. But is Hardin even able to put his demons aside to follow Tessa? Will the passionate need to be together be stronger than all the obstacles?

“Sulphurous and addictive. » Live Morning.

“There's Fifty Shades of Gray in the air."She.