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After season 4 - Anna Todd

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Thanks to Zed, Tessa escapes the worst and can start a new independent life in Seattle. For his part, Hardin gets closer and closer to Richard, Tessa's father, to the point of hosting her in their old apartment to help her get out of it! The perfect opportunity to prove that he has changed and that, perhaps, he can become a good person. But is this one more manipulation to his credit? Is there any hope left for Tessa and her incorrigible bad boy? The nights between the two lovers are more passionate than ever and Tessa throws herself headlong into this tumultuous affair. Yet those around him seem to believe that his relationship with Hardin is doomed. She will then lead one of her hardest fights to save her marriage. This is without counting on a cruel twist of fate that will bring out Hardin's worst demons... Will Tessa manage to chase away the darkness in her man's tortured mind?

“Sulphurous and addictive. » Live Morning.

“There's Fifty Shades of Gray in the air."She.