Dependent on Revenge- Sophie Kinsella

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After My (Not So) Perfect Life and Surprise Me! , the creator of the unforgettable shopaholic offers us a tender, funny and very current new comedy about a young woman determined to save the small family business. A veritable gust of fresh London air!
At 27, the sweet and discreet Fixie finds herself at the head of Maison Farr, the boutique founded by her parents, nestled on the edge of London. But there is no time for the young woman to celebrate this promotion, because there she is who must manage a fratricidal struggle:Nicole, her fashionista sister, is determined to make the neighborhood drugstore the trendiest yoga center in the capital, when Jack, their so snobbish brother , would rather see it as a luxury grocery store.

As sales fall and bankruptcy approaches, Fixie will have to decide:keep the old-fashioned spirit of Maison Farr or transform it into a super-fashion-concept-store? Maintain family cohesion or alienate Nicole and Jack? Face the problems or stay hidden under the duvet?

All that's missing is the return of an intrusive ex and the appearance of a handsome stranger to plunge the shy Fixie into the most inextricable of embarrassments...