Harper Collins Poche

Without further ado- Kristan Higgins

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Tick tock… Tick tock. At 35, still single and with no babies in sight, Honor is convinced that her biological clock is making big eyes at her. She resolves to talk marriage to the man she has loved since high school and with whom she has an extremely intermittent romantic relationship. Results ? A nicely wrapped but unequivocal refusal. Already stunned, Honor receives the coup de grace a few weeks later, when the ex-man of her life announces her marriage to the one she had considered her best friend until then.
Desperate to restore her shriveled self-esteem, Honor (this time considering a marriage of convenience and) makes a proposal to a certain Tom Barlow, an English teacher from Manningsport who is in desperate need of a green. card to stay in the United States. At the time, the idea seems brilliant to him… before the situation gets carried away and completely escapes his control.

PS:random cover at editor's choice!