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Wedding night at Ikonos- Sophie Kinsella

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In England and Greece today.

If Fliss is used to her sister Lottie's love failures, she was nevertheless convinced that Richard, the man Lottie has been dating for a year, was going to propose. Failed again! Fliss is therefore preparing to follow the usual protocol:let Lottie vent her anger, curb her desire to send everything flying/exiling herself to a desert island/joining a cult, and comfort her, while she finds another fiancé.
Except that this time, Lottie has innovated:she has found nothing better than to marry another! A certain Ben with whom she had maintained a vague flirtation. Both are also on their way to a sublime hotel in Greece.
Disaster ! Especially since Richard is remorseful and another man also sees this union with a very bad eye:Lorcan, Ben's partner.
Only one solution:prevent at all costs that the two lovebirds consummate their express union and have the marriage annulled. And to sabotage the wedding night, Fliss has more than one stratagem in store...