Super Dog, Unleashed - No 2

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Super Dog is back with even more bite! The authors of comic strips Georges and Harold are a little more mature, finally they no longer make mistakes like in Capitaine Underpants.

Super Dog, detective, still has a thing or two to learn. If only the chef gave him a bone from time to time... Pistache the cat came out of the bag. His criminal curiosity takes the town by storm. Our canine, half-human, half-dog criminal-crunching superhero will bring justice or will Pistachio pull off the perfect crime without getting caught?

This action-packed comic brimming with humor will appeal to recalcitrant young readers.

By David Pilkey

Scholastic Publishing | ISBN 9781443159234 | Soft cover | March 2017
224 pages | 14cm x 21cm | 7 to 10 years |