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And then suddenly - Succumb - Laura S Wild (Volume 1)

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Fate has not spared Lia Gomes, a young interior designer based in New York. Every day, she fights to find a normal life, surrounded by her two best friends, Chris and Matt, who are as possessive as they are endearing.
For six years now, the three accomplices have not left each other. Together, they form an insurmountable barrier against the demons of their past. This fusional trio is enough to make Lia happy. She has an unfailing friendship:why would she need love?

And then suddenly, she succumbs.

Everything changes when Lia meets Robin. This man, whom chance keeps placing in his path, will upset his daily life and upset the balance of the three friends. Bringing out the secrets they thought they had buried deep.
The sudden arrival of love in her life may well not leave Lia unscathed...