Fight for love - Rogue (volume 4 but not a sequel)

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Erotic reading! In the same frame as"Beautiful Bastard";)

He tells her that he is not a good man. She hates the idea that he could be right. What would you do if your Prince was actually a crook?
In REAL, Brooke Dumas meets Remington Tate through her best friend, Mélanie, and now it's her turn to meet the man who will make her heart vibrate. After waiting for him for years, one rainy evening, he is there, strong and mysterious... His name is Greyson King and he comes to his rescue. He's fearless, and he just might be the lover, friend, and protector she's always been looking for. When they make love and he says her name, it's like everything makes sense.
But he disappears without a word and when he reappears, it's to tell him:"I can't make you happy."Unable to be away from him, she ends up discovering the dark side that he was determined to hide from him and then realizes that their first meeting was perhaps not due to chance... Caught in a whirlwind of emotions, Melanie has nothing to cling to, except this man that she should definitely flee like the plague.

What would you do if your Prince Charming was actually a real con man?