Dryer Ball Fragrance - White Pear and Papaya

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Discover the White Pear and Papaya dryer ball fragrance, an intoxicating fusion between the sweetness of white pear and the juicy exoticism of papaya.

This fragrance transports you to a tropical paradise, where the lightness of pear blends with the sweet pulp of papaya.

WHITE PEAR - The delicate aroma of white pear evokes freshness and elegance. Its sweet and slightly floral notes bring a touch of sophistication to this fragrant product for the home, while recalling the sweetness of a sunny day.

PAPAYA - Papaya brings an explosion of tropical flavors to the fragrance, with its juicy and exotic notes that evoke lush landscapes.

Let yourself be seduced by this dryer ball fragrance and discover the other home products in the fruity collection.