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The Ace of Hearts - Morgane Moncomble

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If there's one thing Rose and Levi have in common, it's poker. She was born with a gift; he has spent his life stripping casinos around the world to one day become the best. Only one obstacle still stands before him:Tito Ferragni, his sworn enemy. If his honor has so far prevented him from revealing Tito's many cheatings to the public, Levi refuses to let it go any longer. This year, only one man will win the World Tournament of Poker, and it will be him. For this, he calls on Rose, looking for easy money. Able to affirm who is bluffing and who is telling the truth, she agrees to become his secret weapon.

It's only too late, after long stolen kisses and his biggest secret confessed, that Levi learns he's been duped. Rose is none other than Tito's daughter… and by definition, his sworn enemy. The cards are in her hands:will she sell Levi's secret to the media, even if it means destroying his reputation, or will she help him triumph over his own father?