The bad seed

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This book tells the story of a bad seed. A very bad seed.

But how bad can a seed be?

Well, this one has a bad temper, bad manners, and a bad Attitude. She's always been bad. She cuts through the queues, stares at people and never listens. But what happens when the mischievous little seed decides to take her life into her own hands and be… happy?

The bad seed is a funny and touching story that reminds us all of the strength of will and self-acceptance . Readers young and old will love this story. She is proof that each of us can change for the better.

In the media:

Oswald works with digital watercolors and makes the anguish of this antihero vivid and touching. The world the seed finds itself in, a metropolis populated by seeds like peanuts, coconuts, and kernels of corn, adds a humorous note to the whole thing. ~ Publishers Weekly