The worst book in the world - Elise Gravel

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Elise Gravel wants to write a totally boring book. His characters want to go wild… Who will be the winner?

Make no mistake, the title is not a metaphor:this really is the worst book in the world. Author-illustrator Elise Gravel, recipient of the Governor General's Literary Award, takes readers on an unexpected journey through the most ridiculous book that has ever existed!

The characters in the story are quickly annoyed by the author's lack of imagination... They therefore rebel against her figures of speech which lack bite and her bad choices by throwing insults at her in order to attract his attention and guide the story in a more interesting direction. They have nothing to lose since they are stuck in the book for eternity anyway.

As the true nature of the characters takes over their annoying author-designed traits, this story evolves into a unique narrative! With Elise's bizarre creatures at the helm of this book, absolutely ANYTHING can happen.

In the media:

“It's funny, vulgar, and it deconstructs clichés. In short, it's Elise Gravel, and the kids want more. — The Press

Scholastic Publishing | ISBN 9781443176057 | Hardcover | March 2019
48 pages | 17.5cm x 24cm | 3 to 8 years old