My sexier life - Chiara Moscardelli

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Another sparkling comedy by the craziest of Italians! Games of the musical chair and the bottle, first booms, road trips through Europe... Unfiltered chronicle of a youth in the 1990s.
For a long time, Chiara had only one dream:to be a gatta morta , an attractive praying mantis deploying tricks and slyness to drag all men into her nets. But whoever wants to is not manipulative. Unfortunately, Chiara is more of the spontaneous type. Too spontaneous. Next door, Bridget Jones would almost pass for a femme fatale!

At the age of 33, she is about to have a breast tumor removed, the time has come for Chiara to take stock of her life. And if it is not glorious, it has the merit of being funny.
From adolescence to adulthood, passing through high school, college, a multitude of jobs, a lot of rakes, and above all a group of somewhat neurotic but devoted friends, Chiara takes us into her tribulations as a serial blunderer. looking for the dream job and prince charming.