Baby play mat - Alpaca

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Premium quality foam mat! FINALLY!

This playmat has even more advantages. It not only protects against injuries, but also against the cold of the ground. It's also a good thing for adults: you don't have to kneel, sit or lie down on the hard floor to play with your child. On the contrary, you can sit comfortably next to them on this play and awakening mat. Attractive patterns on both sides additionally give this rug a nice child-friendly look.


As with all baby and toddler items, quality and health are a top priority. This playmat also meets the requirements for this. It features only high quality materials used cleanly. Your offspring will spend a lot of time on this play mat and it will withstand this intensive use without difficulty. You will be able to use it for many years, including for little siblings. All substances harmful to your child's health have been eliminated. You can let your kids enjoy this play mat without worry.


  • Play mat - children interact with the pictures and at the same time they will be protected from the cold floor
  • Baby mat - so that it is soft and comfortable for your darling
  • This learning mat is printed on both sides, there are pictures on one side and another side with roads
  • Baby picnic blanket - this large water repellent play mat can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Fall protection - the mat cushions your child's first attempts at walking due to its thickness
  • Decoration for the children's room - the cute designs adorn every child's room
  • Adventure mat - this play mat can easily be combined with a playpen or play arch
  • Learning to walk: Please use this side as much as possible to prevent the baby from learning to walk.
  • Waterproof Surface - No matter food residue, milk or urine stains, just clean with a damp soft cloth.


  • Playmat dimensions: approx. 150 x 200 cm(5cm))
  • Picture: Cactus, Alpaca, Forest in the back: Streets
  • Material: Polyethylene foam (XPE)
  • Non-slip and water-repellent
  • Reduces noise, is insulating and protects when falling
  • Without pollutants, ecological and odorless
  • Rollable, easy to transport

 Technical details:

  • CERTIFIED: Safety first! without pollutants, ecological and odorless, handling is safe in any case
  • PROTECTED: The play mat is non-slip as well as water repellent, reduces noise and cushions your child's first attempts at walking due to its 1 cm thickness
  • PLEASURE: To double the joy, the mat is printed on two sides. On one side there are pictures of Cactus.. and the other side can be used for driving on the streets by car
  • QUALITY: This play mat consists of high-quality polyethylene foam (XPE) and is therefore robust and durable
  • SQUARE: Due to its size of 180 x 200 cm, there is enough space to play, have fun and let off steam. Despite its size, the play mat can still be easily stored and transported by rolling it up
  • FOLDABLE: Foldable mats to prevent creases and can extend the service life. stain resistant, easy to clean, no fading. You can use it for a long time without worrying about stains