Go get the bread!

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Graham is a dreamy fox and a bit cowardly. He lives in the countryside and grows pumpkins. One day, his mother asks him to get the bread from the local bakery. But as nothing is ever simple, the local baker has run out of bread! What started out as a simple errand turns into an epic, larger-than-life adventure when Graham tries to get some bread from the nearby village baker.

After James Bond, Tintin and Han Solo, Go get the bread introduces us to Graham, a brand new adventurer. What starts out as a small slice of everyday life quickly becomes a whimsical epic filled with humor, absurdity and surprises. Jean-Baptiste Drouot delivers a story that goes at high speed to the delight of readers. Assured crush!

Awards and Recognition

Danielle Grondien Prize



From 3 years old

48 pages